Where did the idea come from ?

In 2016, I received the opportunity to study at a university in Japan. I was focused on all the school life and classes, that I forgot about the adjustment to daily life in Japan.  I did not realize that it would be such a feat. It took a lot of time to learn the knowledge of how to live in Japan from buying basic necessities, learning basic society norms to taking care of all the government forms required for foreigners. I had no clue how to go about these things or where to really go.  I started thinking of how I could start making this process easier. Through my journey of learning everything the hard way and the many stories of others who have experienced the transition, he idea of Jump Start Abroad was created. I wanted to make the adjustment as easy as possible, and give everyone that warm welcoming to Japan.

Today and the next few years, We believe there will be a beneficial change coming to Japan when it comes to foreigners and Japanese co-existing. Japan’s economy and society is on the rise right now and will acquire many more foreigners to come assist the economy. With the Olympics around the corner, we believe this will also mark the huge change in Japanese society. Many foreigners will be wanting to travel Japan for studies, work, enjoy Japanese culture, and to help make a greater society. Jump Start Abroad believes in this future and wants to support these foreigners in adapting to Japan’s beautiful culture and way of life. We want to promote a bright future of Japanese society with Japanese and foreigners together. We want to help be apart of this change and be the people’s Jump Start to this bright future.

Our Goal

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