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Room Type 1

Room Type 2

All included


  • table + chair(s)

  • trash can  

  • curtains 

  • bed

  • sheets

  • blankets

  • pillow case

  • shelves


  • air conditioner 

  • refrigerator  

  • TV/TV Table  

  • microwave  

  • washer

  • hair dryer


  • bath towel

  • face towel

  • toilet brush

  • tissue paper

  • toilet paper

  • body soap

  • shampoo/conditioner

  • body scrubber

  • clothes detergent

  • clothes softener


  • hanger

  • hanger clips

  • slippers


  • measuring cup

  • pans

  • spatula

  • ladle

  • cutting knife

  • cutting board

  • bowls

  • cups, glasses

  • dishes

  • rice scoop

  • chop sticks

  • spoons

  • forks

  • knifes

  • kitchen sponge

  • kitchen soap

*Deposits - All Jump Start Abroad's rooms require either a half months deposit or the customer can put a credit card on file and the deposit will not be necessary.

*Contract extensions allows the customer to extend the contract period or to switch to another contract under the same room. If the customer requests an extension or change of contract, the Jump Start Abroad Fee and Cleaning Fee will be waived. If a change of contract is made, the fees will also be waived and the price of the room will change depending on the contract chosen. To extend a contract, a notice must be given ahead of time. For three month contracts or more, a month notice is required. If the request is made after the required notice, but the room is still available for the date requested, we will honer this agreement.

*When requesting a refund or early termination of contract, there will be a one month charge or deduction. In the case of the one month contract, there will be no refund after the signing of the contract.

*One month and three month contracts are paid in full ahead of time at the time of contracting. For six months or one year contracts, the initial fees is only necessary and monthly rent will become schedule monthly payments. 

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