Management System

Property Owner

• Rental Management contract

• Scheduled payments transferred to owner’s account


• Detailed room reports and financial reports

• Constant communication about room maintenance or changes

• Cover own expenses and maintenance expenses

• File taxes for the property (we will supply necessary paper work)


• Stay in communication with us

Property Owner's Responsibilities

Web Bookings

 • Account creation and promotion on all major booking sites

• Smart Pricing, controlling the price base on season, events, or changes in the market

• Manage account, bookings, and all inquires


• Sub-lease contract, explanation and signing

• Customer Screening to ensure home owner satisfaction with guest

• In-person walk through and key exchanges

• Customer support for any problems or issues the customer may face

Owner's Property

• Make sure rooms are Minpaku (short-term rental) inspected

• Room maintenance, major and minor issues with the room

• Cleaning between tenants and replacing of consumables

• Exit walk through and inspections


We would like to welcome Go! Go! Nihon as our partner. 

Go! Go! Nihon has helped many foreigners with their dreams of studying abroad. They are a great asset to the foreigner community in Japan and host events for all of the students. 

The Go! Go! Nihon team is very professional and helpful. If you are interested in studying at a Japanese Language school or any of the other abroad programs, look no further. This is the best company you will find.

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Phone:      03-6258-1833

Fax:           03-6368-3172

Address:    2-6-6 Hatagaya Kitamura Building,

                   Hatagaya,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0072


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